Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Advanced state of Marrakchia-ness

From my last trip back to the Uk I brought back with me one of my treasured items - an old run down bicycle. Over here that translates as a precious means of transport. Fully functioning, 1 break and 3 out of the 9 gears working, I have thrown myself into the Marrakech traffic. As it is I absolutely love driving, cycling, anything on wheels (do I dare roller blade down Mohammed V holding on to a Caleche next?) and have taken to the souk like a duck to water. Well, that could be disputable by some peoples. But I think that only 3 elbow nudges in 5 days cycling back and forth between Bahia and Ben Slimane straight through the souk should count for something!?!? No?
Well some of the locals at least seem to recognise my efforts by calling out Marrakchia as I whizz past. Maybe they just realise no tourist would be insane enough to try this although I have spotted a few bicycle rentals round town but that is in Gueliz, the new town.
Anyway I feel very Marrakchia on my "sophisticated", rusty old bike. But all I can say is: If you are a tourist...Watch out and WALK ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD!
Thank you ;)

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