Thursday, March 24, 2011

Street wise

Hello dear visitors to Marrakech! Watch out. My boyfriend is hitting the roads and learning how to drive. Well, not that you visitors would be able to notice him amongst all the chaos and hectic traffic surrounding you. But never the less I thought I'd send a friendly warning.
So, how do you best deal with the traffic over hear? Well the clue is in using all your sences and having eyes in the back of your head. No seriously. As a pedestrian in the medina the rule is STICK TO THE SIDE. Believe it or not but the middle is the unofficial medina highway for motorbikes, donkey carts, bicycles etc. The things to adhear to are: [ear] as soon as you hear the words BALLACK (yes, same as the German footballer's name, so should be easy enough for all football interested men to remember) or ANDACK simply jump a side. If you stop and try to identify where it is coming from...too'll have been hit, bumped, had your toe run over or at least your elbow knocked. [eyes] look where you are going and not only at the architecture. When crossing from one side to the other do the "blind angle" check and throw a quick glance over your shoulder to look out for motobikes tranporting whole families or giant objects.
So follow the rules of the medina's winding streets and it'll be an enjoyable place to stroll through.

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