Saturday, April 2, 2011

Marrakech is oh so popular & yes, we do have wine

Well, not only did British Airways start flying to Marrakech again on the 27th March 2011 but BMI (British Midland) has also joined them. Considering that these are good airlines, unlike everyones pet hate airline Ryanair, which we we still cant stop to fly with, they offer very good fares. BMI has a return for under GBP 200 and doing a quick search on BA I found return flights in October for just GBP 160. That is good going. And that is not knowing if there might even be cheaper fares out there with them.

Anyhow last night I had the pleasure of enjoying the company of 8 journalist who had flown over on BMI's first flight doing a whirlwind pit stop of Marrakech & Casablanca via some vinyards for some reason. So why not treat them to a good Moroccan wine. Dining together with the BMI representative and their PR agent it was the perfect chance to introduce them to good Moroccan wine at Le Tanjia restaurant prior to their vinyard visit the following day. I think everyone was positively suprised at the high quality of wine available in a "non drinking" society. For me Volubilia Gris (tastes of a Sauvignon Blanc but has the colour of a very pale rose) and CB Initiales as a Red are the perfect examples of a nice wine from Morocco. (And service at Le Tanjia was superb despite what some of the reviews on Tripadvisor read - who has declared them to be the online Bibel of travellers anyway?)

So after a very successful dinner at Le Tanjia, I would say, some peope wanted to walk back across the square and take in the night athmosphere. Of course I was happy to oblige as I love seeing the smiles on the faces and the twinkle in peoples' eyes. When I see this, that's when I know they have "got Morocco". Mission accomplished!

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