Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tabloid press & weightloss

Ok, so admit that once in a while I like to read gossip magazine, but unfortunately the Moroccan version of Hello just doesn't do it for me. After all what good is it if you don't know the people people being gossiped about!? And due to lack of English gossip magazines being readily availably I am known to click on to links that pop up my way on the web. Here's a great example Chanelle from BB feels fat Ok, so I ended up reading The Sun. The point is though that this just makes me enjoy life in Morocco even more. Coming to Morocco I lost 10kg - no liposuction, no diet, no anything. Just a simple combination of endless walking the streets of the medina, a diet of fresh ingredients and sweat. I know it doesn't sound charming but in the heat the summer reaches here believe me you will all do that. So my recommendation to weightloss I guess is ENJOY LIFE IN MARRAKECH!

And if you are over in Marrakech with any magazines - feel free to drop them on my door step ;)


  1. It happens now and then that a wave of gossip magazines hit us; German, Dutch, English, French... I'll let you when that happens next time and you can swing by!^^

  2. OM, I lost 10 KG in my first year here as well, no liposuction, no exercise, no diet. Im pretty sure Im pretty sure its because of the change of diet, I was used to American food thats just filled with fat. Here, vegetables are straight from farms, and so are the animals.
    As for magazines, I also gave up on buying the (incredibly expensive) english ones, instead I just check my favorites online every week:,,,,

    Hope that helps!

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