Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Do all babies come from Morocco?

Today I woke up to see a stork circling over my little place. In a clear blue sky. Now that is something that put a smile on my face. What would my frinds be seeing if they looked up? Probably the roof of their car, fake daylight lighttubes blinking in the office... not a stork that's for sure. I rushed in to get my camera but unfortunately by the time I came out he was gone. Probably busy collecting another baby. ;) The amount of storks that live here on the El Badi Palace, I have decided that the majority of babies must get delivered from Morocco ;) Well at least the ones that arrive late. Moroccan time keeping can only be to blame. Could that be the reason for being drawn to this country? I was apparently 2 weeks late. Hmmm...

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