Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ftour with a Moroccan family

Today has been an absolutely fabulous day. I once again had the chance to break the fast with a Moroccan family. What made it extra special was that is was my boyfriend's family. His younger sister and her husband to be precise. When we arrived I was greeted with the mix of curiosity by the children and a warm welcome by the grown ups. The meal was served in their salon rather than in the kitchen and the dishes just kept coming. Harira, the traditional soup to break the fast (although more and more people nowadays find this to heavy and start with a smoothie or even fruit salad), dates, figs, berber pizza (a flat bread stuffed with spices and vegetables), fish, eggs and plenty of sweet cakes. Obviously the tv was on as in any good Moroccan household, but to my surprise not at full blare as it normally is. TV during Ramadan is like Christmas programs in the UK. They put on comedy shows and funny sketches especially for this time which every one will sit and laugh at wholeheartedly. Moroccans have a wonderful way of enjoying simple slap stick comedy. I wonder if Benny Hill (obviously with more covered girls) or Mr Bean would be popular here? It is so nice to see that people actually do this every day for a whole month when you think that back home most families barely manage to get through 5 days together over Christmas. I can only say that breaking the fast with a Moroccan family is a very special experience and one to be learnt from and that should be appreciated.

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