Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Getting a Moroccan to remember or should that be change

Now, I really do not want to stereotype but how do you get a Moroccan to remember to do something that is initially new to their system or way of thinking and the getting them to be persistent about what they are doing? Does this mean I am dealing with a person that can not learn, is not willing to learn, has other priorities or is just plain...?
I have seen from other places that it possible to find intelligent smart Moroccans, that are more than capable of adapting, adjusting, thinking outside of the box...thinking logically... so why do others struggle so much.
I know I am not the first to have this thought and please do not get me wrong, I really do love and adore Moroccan's but some days they just get to you.
Today's example is the simple task of a supposed "Hotel Manager" not understanding why on earth it might be a problem that he greeted the guests that had booked 3 rooms (2 double and 1 single) with sorry we are overbooked but its okay, I have 2 rooms.
Nooo!!! Europeans like their own space. If they booked separate rooms it was for a reason. No they are probably not mother, father, great mother, uncle and cousin all happy to sleep together.
On kindly trying to explain that this is not a professional way to handle booking the blame was immediately put on the poor cleaning lady. "She took the extra booking!" Well what about you as the manager having control over the bookings?
The theory in his head remains, the more people we take the better. No understanding what so ever for the overbooking. And these were Hostelbooker reservations. This is serious!
He just does not like that I have added the value of hostelbookers to their accommodation. It's a system he doesn't like, a system he does not want to understand (despite saying yes, yes each time I 've explained it) and he will try his damned hardest to try my patience.

But I have hope - even the most stubborn donkey will drink in the end.

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