Monday, August 16, 2010

Cooking the night away

So this is me entertaining myself during Ramadan and making sure I have a feast to snack on round midnight. I attempted to cook my 2nd ever beef and prune tagine. Unfortunately I'm obviously not as good a filmer as I am a cook. Yes, I must compliment myself as I cooked this from memory only and it tastes 10x better than the presentation in this clip. The ingredients I bought at the fantasic Mellah market round the corner from where I live.
The shopping didn't quite go without hickups though. First the butcher asked me if I wanted meat with... something that sounded like "sauce". So thinking of the tagine with sauce I said "yes". Turns out he ment bone, which I didn't want so fool on me. Then the spice shop I normally go to had a different man there who didn't recognise me which resulted in ridiculous price being mentioned. Me telling him how bad it is to do this because I'm a foreigner but not a tourist and handing him his spices back. I'm sure he's spat in them since. Then attempting the spice shop running through the same. The kg price for cumin supposedly being DH80 although it's never more than DH60. Shop 3 had in the meantime closed as it was nearing Ftour so I had no choice but to swallow my pride and head back to shop 1. Maybe realising he was about to lose a customer or if the goodwill of Ramadan had overcome him, I doubt very much it was just the guilty consions, he now insisted that I take the spices for free. We settled on me taking more, i.e. a weigh-able amount and settled on DH10. We both then apologised and chitchatted as you do and he blamed the incident on Ramadan. When I told him I was doing it too his surprise and joy was not to be overseen.
But what would living in Marrakech be like if it weren't for these amusing incidents.
Anyhow the tagine is a success. I spent a good 2 hrs in the kitchen, boiling the prunes with sugar and cinnamon, boiling and peeling then roasting the almonds. And partially because I have no clue about timings so I can never leave the food - something I must really learn to do.

Bonne appetit

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