Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back in Marrakech

Back in Marrakech after a very impulsive 4 day visit to London. And oh is it good to be back. You can feel that half of ramadan is over or is it just me?! People seem a lot more upbeat. The "squirters" (spray water bottles) are out in full swing and everyone is just having a bit more fun. Spraying themselves, each other, a passer by and probably wishing they could lick their lips to get a drop of that water running down their face.
I've already been back on 2 mini adventures today. The bus driver almost driving off without me at the airport, despite having agreed he'd honk, but that obviously slipped his mind. So a little spurt (maybe more of a lame jog) to the road to rejoin all my belongings which I so trustworthy-ly had left on the bus. I had faith in all the cab drivers assisting in hailing down the bus. After all they knew I was on it as I'd turned them all down as I pushed my bicycle and pulled my suitcase past them. I favoured the bus purely for the fact that I felt my bike would be better looked after rather than, as I imagined, a petite taxi driver trying to convince himself and me that it would fit in his boot whilst slamming his boot lid on the frame for the umpteenth time.
Part two of being back in Marrakech was walking from Mohammed V to Bab Doukala gone 1 am to fix a motorbike tyre. Why? Simply because that's the way you do it here.
It's great to be back!

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